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Jeff Yoak

Date Deceased: 04-13-2010
Age at Death: 59
Cause of Death: natural causes
Classmate City: Medford
Classmate State: OR
Classmate Country: USA
Survived By: His brothers Bill Don and Ken and his sister Hawley all GG alumnis

Legendary streetfighter/Racer Jeff Yoak shockingly has died.  Jeff left CA for Medford, OR in the 70,s and was a successful Boutique crop farmer for years.  Jeff also worked in the lumbermills and retired on a small pension, married and divorced twice.  His ashes were spread on his property in Oregon.

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05/18/10 07:54 PM #1    

John Fisher (1970)

So sorry to hear of jeff 's passing he was a gentle giant...I had many fond memories and I know that many other argo's did too. John Fisher

05/30/10 09:00 PM #2    

Phillip Lockhart (1969)

So sorry to hear about Jeff's passing. I knew him from the 7th grade on and even worked with him in Oregon, at the lumber mill in White City. He was about the kindnest person you would ever want to meet. My condolences to his family. 

06/01/10 05:18 PM #3    

Janet Zeyen (1969)

 Jeff was a part of my school life from early on. I am so sorry about his death. He was just one of the kindest people I knew.  

Janet Zeyen

06/25/10 09:51 PM #4    

Rosalind Rosell (Rawlings) (1969)

Iam sorry to hear about the passing of Jeff. We were raised in the same neighborhood. Jeff was a always cheerful and fun to be around.

Thanks for the memeories Jeff!


08/01/10 11:09 AM #5    

Robert Lyon (1969)

Jeff Yoak is DEAD?!!! The "Mighty Oak"?!!   :-(   I cannot believe it! Not Jeff! He was so big and strong. He and the "other"  legendary, bad boy, streetfighter, John Primrose, were men among boys!   FLASHBACK to our senior year in P.E.! I was in a swimming class with BOTH Jeff and John! Among the rest of us undersized and under developed "mortals", we ALL wondered who was the baddest of the bad. Maybe the football jocks like Doug Scheel, Craig Liticker, or the underated but just as good, Kent Rasmussen, were "better" football players, but in a PURE street fight, I would place my $ on either of Jeff or John. It is true that Doug was a great CIF wrestler. But, how was his chin? And how many street fights had he been in, without pads, a helmet, or a ref to "protect" him, as in football? ANYTHING can happen in a ,"no rules", street fight, eh? Believe me, I know. Anyway, one day, the coach let us have a water polo, aka Jungle Ball, game. I ended up on Jeff's side. And John was on the opposing side. They were both just pushing the rest of us out of the way, like we were mice, to score goals for their side. It was WILD! Then, FINALLY, both John and Jeff got the ball, at different times, and just went after one another. MAN, the pool just rocked! I will NEVER forget the water that splashed out the pool!! They just POUNDED on each other! And NO retreat or quit from either of them! ALL of us just stood around in TOTAL awe and watched them beat the snot out of each other!! To a DRAW!! No real, clear, winner between them. You could tell that they respected each other and were scratched up, bruised and very, very, tired!  I NEVER forgot that battle of the Titans of 1968-1969, at the Garden Grove High School pool. I got to know Jeff very well. He had a high pitched voice, for such a huge, in our era, man. He was witty, friendly and fun to be around. He did not take his obvious size advantage and use it against us. Most of us were at least 50-65 lbs. lighter than either Jeff or John! I thought that John was a little more quiet, reserved and mysterious than Jeff. He was soft spoken and friendly though.  He did not say much. Like Jeff, he did not have too! I think either one of them could have got a football scholarship to a 4 year school, if they wanted too! They had so much physical potential! Hey, the draft and the "hippie life" was calling US out, ha! ha!  Jeff, I MISS you my brother!!!  You were one of a kind! The Gentle Giant!!  My prayers to his lovely family.....        :-(       Bob  Lyon

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