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Alan Musil


Alan Musil, Greg's Uncle, was born August 14, 1917 and passed away in October of 1986 at the age of 69.

Coach Musil - who was 49 when he taught my freshman PE class - could, at that advanced age, sit on the gym floor, his legs straight in front of him and pull himself up the climbing rope - his legs holding the right angle to his body.  I saw it with my own eyes.  He had Abs of Iron. And he was the softest-spoken and kindest PE teacher I remember.

He lived another twenty years after that - I hope they were good ones. wh

To see photos of Alan Musil, please click View Profile.  (photos provided by his daughter, Susan (Musil) Wallace.  

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10/04/10 07:39 AM #1    

John Cole (1970)

Mr. Musil always sensed when I was down from family problems or from school stress or bullying, and always took the extra effort to give my moral a boost. Although I was far from the best in P.E. class, Mr. Musil often called me "Big John" and always told me I could do it. Even before I found out about this reunion thing, I thought about Mr. Musil often, and his inspiration helped me be strong a build a good life. I will always remember him fondly,

John Cole

10/06/10 03:30 PM #2    

Robert Lyon (1969)

Hi,   My name is Bob Lyon. Class of 1969. In 1965-1966, I had Coach Musil in P.E. He was very fit and kind. He encouraged me to go out for wrestling, because of my strength and attitude. Unfortunately, my father would have none of that. Still, Coach Musil worked with me. He was a wonderful mentor! I was blessed and fortunate  to have him as my coach and to get to know him as a dear friend!   Bob  Lyon   :-)

04/20/14 04:35 PM #3    

Stephen Raver (1969)

Mr. Musil was the greatest. Too bad that I did not listen to him. He told me that I could be an Olympic swimmer or wrestler if I put my heart and mind to it. I was good but did not have the passion. Too bad for for me, I love to swim to this day, wish I could of followed his passion and leadership.

Thank You Mr. Musil,

Stephen Raver

04/21/14 09:33 AM #4    

Richard Alberts (1968)

Coach Musil was Larry & Greg Musil's uncle. He was in tremendous shape. I remember walking into the gym and seeing him on the rings doing the "iron cross". When I tried to do what he was doing I realized what kind of shape he was in. He was a great coach, teacher and friend to all who knew him.

04/22/14 06:50 AM #5    

Linda Nebergall (Conrad) (1968)

I did not know coach Musil, but appreciate reading the comments you all are sharing.  It makes me realize now, what I didn't when a teen, how kind and compasionate many of my classmates were.  I'm sad that I never met the coach or experienced what many of you did.

Linda Conrad, Class of 68. 

05/02/18 06:17 AM #6    

Lou Tennenini (1968)

Coach Musil used to come out after school, on his own time, to the high bars and work with Jon Mackey, Dennis Harris, and me, showing us how several procedures were performed. We really enjoyed our workouts, especially with the expertise of the Coach.

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